Presented by AmeriTitle Inc.

The boys are back in town with big air everywhere! Look to the Oregon Winterfest’s sky to find the boys of Metal Mulisha performing sick tricks and death-defying stunts in the AmeriTitle, Inc. sponsored Metal Mulisha Arena



Saturday February 18th at 1:00pm and 3:30pm
Sunday Friday 19th at 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Motorcycles and riders will warm up each day at 12pm

Meet the 2017 Crew

Derek Garland “G-Land” started off life on the beaches of San Clemente surfing. Derek began riding dirt bikes at the age of 8 with my his father.  At the age of 16, his neighbor, Cameron Steele , introduced him to freestyle. Ever since then, his passion was to ride freestyle. In 1998, Derek was introduced to Brian Deegan. The crew became friends and formed Metal Mulisha. His goals became a reality due to his dedication with the sport of freestyle with taking a list of tricks to the next level. Derek’s career sparked with FMX tours around the world and taking on events like Dew Tour, Warp Tour, Nuclear Cowboyz, Mayhem Tour, Gravity Games and more.

Derek is sponsored by Metal Mulisha, Rockstar, Osiris, MSR, Pro Taper, Pro Circuit, Maxxis, Alpinestars, Makita, and MB1 Suspension. His favorite place to ride is the Metal Mulisha Compound. When he’s not riding  he like to: Sail, run, make trips to San Francisco, and eat tacos and drink beer. He is the first freestyle rider to run a marathon and swim from Alcatraz. He currently resideds on his boat, Miss Mayhem, in the Pacific Ocean.  His moto is Live Fast, Die Last. His Website: Instagram: @garlandFMX

Justin Homan is a true O.G. of Freestyle Motocross. He has 25 years of Motocross and 13 years of FMX under his belt and is still killing it. He has won several regional FMX competitions, is the 2008 Int’l X-Games finalist and the 2005 Asian X-Games Champion. For seven straight years Homan competed in Summer X, Winter X and Gravity Games, making it to the final every time. He was the eighth athlete in the world to complete the backflip in competition but FMX is just his weekend career. Homan is a University of Washington graduate, placing in the top 5% of the UW School of Business. Seattle is where Homan’s roots are and the PNW is his home. Currently residing in Redmond, Oregon with this wife Kristin and children Byron and Brooklyn, Homan holds down the corporate lifestyle as G.M. for AmeriTitle, Inc. Suit and tie on the weekdays, Metal Mulisha spikes and beanie on weekends!

Homan prides himself of being a true role model for kids and being a business professional in every aspect of his life. Homan has been credited with many trick variations, like the “Holyman”. His sponsors are: Rockstar Energy, Fly Racing, Metal Mulisha, MXthirteen, WPS Motorsports, Fusion Graphixx, & EVO Suspension.  His favorite quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”  –Wayne Gretzky

Rich Kearns I grew up in Oxford, CT racing BMX because dirt bikes were too expensive. When he graduated high school his best friend, Cody Kraus, helped me get into dirt bikes and he never looked back. Rich has been a professional rider working with Troy Lee Designs since 2007.  Some of Rich’s accomplishment highlights are winning 2010 X Games Best Trick, voted best trick innovator in 2010 and riding in the Dew Tour.

Rich enjoy skiing, riding bicycles and daydreaming about what he’s going to do next on my his bike. He enjoys being a professional rider because he gets to travel and inspire people all over the world. He believes that every time he is able to get on a bike and ride is an epic day!! His favorite quote is “when you want something in this life, set your mind to it and go get it. Sky’s the limit.”