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Check out amazing works of art come to life throughout the day in the Ice Sculpture tent.  Sculptures start at 11am on Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th


Lisa Donze is from Olympia Washington.  She has always been artistic and got into sand sculpting through Sand in the City 5 years ago and has been hooked ever since! She is very interested in ice sculpting and excited to once again be a part of Winterfest.   Lisa is married with two young kids, often designing her pieces to satisfy the young and young at heart.

Paul Stark had an early artistic bent, which led him to drawing. But it was the craft pursued by his father and grandfather that would set him on his life path.  “I think most of it comes from having a father and grandfather who worked in wood,” said Stark, who’s made a life for himself as a chainsaw wood carver for more than three decades. “They did mostly furniture, but they worked in wood. That’s where I got it.”

Today, Stark has an art school education and more than 30 years in the wood carving craft behind him. He’s traveled across the country wielding chainsaws to finesse massive rounds and trunks into all kinds of intricate wild animals and other creations. One of his latest: a 27-foot canoe filled with Native American and French trappers for the town of Lake George, New York.

He’s dabbled in ice a bit, largely at the prompting of the WinterFest folks, slicing and sawing blocks of ice into everything from walruses to polar bears. He says the medium is easier to carve, but at the same time more volatile and likely to break and fall apart if one’s not careful.  

James Stugart is an Alaskan born ice artist. Trained at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, AK for 13 years, he learned how to carve ice from some of the best carvers in the world. Now residing in Portland, OR, he started his own business providing innovated ice carvings for over 2 years.

Russ Leno is a Master sculptor, carving 30 plus years with ice, snow, sand, pumpkins, wood and high speed foam. He had been featured on the Jay Leno show, Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and Food Networks and has received 3 world records. A member of the U.S. snow sculpting team, he has competed world wide. Russ helped bringing back ice carving to Bend, Oregon over ten years ago and brought this artistic medium to Oregon WinterFest. See him on Facebook at Russ Leno or Master Pumpkin Sculptor. CARVE ON!!

David Wynter has been a ice carver and a chef for over 25 years. He studied culinary arts along with ice carving while attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York.Currently he is the Head Chef at Camp Alpine which is the second largest oil camp in Alaska.While back in Vancouver Washington his sculptures have been on display all throughout the Portland area for a variety of special events.He has competed in several international competitions and in 2015 was fifth place at the World Championships in Fairbanks Alaska,carving a 7000 pound block of ice into a Fairy floating on a feather.He also is a professional pumpkin carver and makes wood sculptures. He has had 7 appearances at the Oregon Winterfest.