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PETER MEYER is a regional ceramicist based in Bend with a 30 plus year studio practice. With a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon, his practice includes 2D and 3D design, drawing and concepts of drawing. In addition to this he currently brings his deep experience to bear in his role as a teacher at both Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University Cascades Campus.


DELENE PATTERSON is a former landscape designer and furniture making studio artist, Delene is a design junkee for all mediums. She has a BFA from Oregon State University where she focused on jewelry and metal design, ceramics and art history.She has interior design experience in both residential and retail store designs.

Collecting art and mid century modern furniture are her obsessions along with touring and researching mid century modern homes and furnishings. A proud native Oregonian who lived in Arizona for a decade where she restored and resided in a home designed by a case study architect.

She likes hiking, skiing, camping and paddle boarding near her Central Oregon home.


CHRISTIAN TORCHIO is a Designer, Stemach Design + Architecture. Christian has seven years of architectural design experience ranging in scope from private residences to commercial and institutional structures.  After receiving a B.S. in Business Administration from Gannon University in his hometown Erie, Pennsylvania, he earned a B.S. in Architecture and a Master’s of Architecture from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

In 2012 he relocated to Youngstown, Ohio, where he and his wife devoted their work to the revitalization of a community decimated by the collapse of the U.S. steel industry.  In March 2015, together with their one year old son, dog, and three cats, Christian and his wife fled the “rust belt” and headed west in search of a new landscape.

Christian loves architecture for its ability to combine different disciplines and ideas into a cohesive design.  His acute attention to detail at all scales contributes to the thoughtful design process he applies to every project.

2017 Competitors

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GUSTAV SCULPTER  is co-manages the art space Manifestation PDX Art Collective in Southeast Portland where he teaches welding and creative development. Gustav’s graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He use as many recycled, reused and re-purposed materials as can be pragmatically fashioned, pushing the boundaries of the media-encouraged norm to give onlookers a more intimate and ergonomic experience. His ingenuity compels and provokes those who experience his work to look at how we are all capable of changing our consumption habits, reducing trash and saving time/money. He primarily works in steel but also enjoys working in cardboard, leather, and costume making.

RICHARD CAWLEY works out of his creative space in Portland, OR called ManifeStation PDX where he and his partner make recycled art, creating awesome functional art out of junk. Richard Cawley is a graduate of Portland State. A Portland native, he has been designing and creating sculptural objects for over two decades. Since the beginning of his artistic career, he has been drawn to the challenge and delight of transforming the ordinary and mundane post-consumer waste into thought provoking objects of beauty and functional works of art. Richard has worked with Clan Chattan Foundry building cast bronze and Kenneth Wright at Rocketworks Design . Since leaving Rocketworks, he has gone on to design and fabricate large scale sculptural installations at festivals such as Burning Man, Coachella Music and Arts Festival and Emergensee.

ANDREW WACHS is an artist who lives and works in Bend, Oregon. He owns and operates Weld Design Studio, has created several public sculptures throughout the NW and is a longtime furniture designer. In early 2016, he will be installing a new large scale sculpture early  at the North island section of the Colorado bridge reconstruction project.

Andrew intends to combine many of the design and functional components of his past fire pit entries into this years piece. The cantilever element will also be showcased. Andrew was the first place winner of the 2014 WinterFest competition.

DOUG WAGNER is founder and owner of MODERNFAB, a design + fabrication studio in Bend, OR. Wagner grew up in the Midwest and received his degree from the Kansas City Art Institute in Design. His background is based on good work ethic, being easy to work with and likes to have fun while going through the process. Doug has experiences that range into several areas of art, design, furniture and architecture. He is constantly looking at everything, everywhere all the time to understand materials, connections, textures, details, light, objects, nature and anything that can feed the energy of creating.

JAY NIELSON likes his work to be impromptu, spur of the moment, inspiration driven art.  He use whatever materials he has available to create something from nothing.  Jay works in scrap and reclaimed materials to prove that beauty can come from garbage.

GARY THOMPSON  started GT Custom Fab in 2016. With over 20years working with metal and wood fabrication, he has created custom modern furniture design. He works and lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife.

A little history about me. I lived and worked in San Francisco for several years as a custom fabricator.  During my time as a fabricator, I worked with large corporations such as Pottery Barn, Gap and several Internet companies. I honed my skills over the years but later moved on to another career. I still have a passion working with my hands and creating beautiful pieces of furniture, so I decided to start my own fabrication business GT Custom Fab. I have a full time career but needed to build a small business for the future. I take great pride in my work and hope to have an opportunity to build something great for you.

BEN DAVIES, has been working with metal most of his life. He has worked in the welding industry for about six years now and he really enjoys fabricating custom pieces, ornamental and otherwise. He has owned his own fabrication shop in Redmond for almost two years now and hopes for a long career working in central Oregon.

RON SMITH is an artist based in Seattle , WA His work is strongly influenced by a steady diet of post-apocalyptic fiction, scuba diving and having grown up in the 60’s where ”Duck and Cover” was the primary strategy to survive the imminent nuclear war. He enjoys working in a variety of media, but metal and flame have dominated his art for the last few years; Burning Man has been a major motivator in this direction.

DAVE GONZO- An alchemist artist, Dave Gonzo began his craft in the steel and welding trade 20 years ago in his hometown, Albuquerque NM. Doing steel work and sculpture throughout the years in San Diego, and British Columbia, finally landing in Portland, OR. The past 6 years has been about being producing unique, esoteric and edgy work for which he is the conduit. Ranging from custom jewelry to large sculpture as well as private commissions from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. These include the Lovecraft Bar in Portland, Argyle Winery Dundee, and “ Electric Chair Salon in South Dakota. As a self taught artist he has learned much from fellow metal working friends and mentors.

MARVIN WAFFORD grew up in Bend, then moved to the valley for around 25 years before returning to the sunnier part of out great state. He worked for a company that did both the wood and metal projects for casinos all over the United States, private residences and public spaces. He has had a hand in metal projects in virtually every casino on the strip in Vegas. He recently moved back to Central Oregon, and soon hope to find his place in the local metal art community.

ANDREW HUYCKE is 34 years old and raised in Southern Oregon, and grew up riding at Mt Bachelor. He has been creating fire barrels for 3 years and started his company Smokin’ Barrel Works in 2015