Beneficiary OLD

Oregon WinterFest proudly supports local charities

Since 2005, Oregon WinterFest has awarded more than $70,000 to local charities in support of the vital services they provide to the community we love.


2016 Benefactor:  Saving Grace saving-grace

SAVING GRACE provides comprehensive family violence and sexual assault services and promotes the value of living life free from violence.

Given this Mission, we believe in:

    • Declaring freedom from fear of all forms of abuse a basic human right
    • Empowering survivors of violence to make their own choices by exercising their right to self-determination
    • Respecting children, women and men equally
    • Breaking the cycle of violence through education
    • Offering a program balancing prevention, intervention and support
    • Endorsing public policy making violence unacceptable in our society
    • Conducting our own affairs in an ethical and caring way
    • Establishing ourselves in a leadership role in the community to promote freedom from violence


Saving Grace needs your help this Oregon WinterFest. If you would like to volunteer your time please contact Saving Grace today! Call for volunteer inquiries: (541) 389-7021